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2023 Events.

Electro Lieder

@Newcastle Fringe Festival

Friday March 17, 8pm

Saturday March 18, 8pm

Electro Lieder explores what art song means in the 21st Century, as society is confronting a dystopian present. Leading classically-trained musicians Brieley Cutting (piano) and Judit Molnár (soprano) of Fragments Ensemble team up with experimental composers Mark Oliveiro and Vincent Giles, and selected new emerging composers, to produce a wildly expressive performance blending the classical with the avant-garde, responding to and interpreting the concept of 'night'. Songs from Schubert, Strauss, and Bartók are re-imagined and re-contextualised through the lens of modern technology, politics, identity, and the end of the world. These art songs are merged, spliced, distorted, and combined with new material from established and emerging composers, like connective tissue, bringing the past to the present and imagining the future.

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