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Current Show: Electro Lieder.

Electro Lieder explores what art song can mean in the 21st Century (German noun 'lieder' meaning 'songs'). Leading classically-trained musicians Brieley Cutting (piano) and Judit Molnár (soprano) of Fragments Ensemble team up with experimental composers Mark Oliveiro and Vincent Giles, and selected new and emerging composers, to produce a wildly expressive performance blending the classical with the avant-garde.

The topic of 'night' provided the inception for this project, alongside 21st century dystopian fears. Songs from Schubert, Richard Strauss and Bartók are presented, but in a re-imagined context as they are combined alongside new material and merged together with spliced and distorted connective tissue.

Through the lens of modern technology, politics, identity and the end of the world, voice, piano and poetry meet, true to art song, with this expanded upon with live electronics and visuals. This multimedia show is bringing the past to the present and imagining the future.

Featured Works:

Richard Strauss - Die Nacht (The Night), Op.10 No.3

Vincent Giles: The Moth and the Flame (new work)

Béla Bartók: Est (Evening), BB.29

Sreenidhi Maddur: One Noon (new work)

Mark Oliveiro: Cyborg Salon (new work)

Franz Schubert: Nacht und Träume (Night and Dreams), Op.43 No.2

Ichi Asato: This is a strange Precious Metal and confusing time (new work)

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