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video & sound. 

A Camouflage Opera - trailer

György Kurtág: Attila József - Fragments

The German notion of Gesamtkunstwerk — a synthesis of disparate art forms brought together in harmonious collusion to express a unified vision — is central to this new groundbreaking musical-theater work that will be premiered on Friday 29 November 2019 at the Commissariat Store Museum.

Hét dal (Seven Songs) Op.22 for Voice and Cimbalom/Piano - György Kurtág

Voice: Judit Molnar Piano: Brieley Cutting

Venue: Queensland Conservatorium, Recital Hall. Brisbane, Australia.

Perfomance Date: November 2018 

Eight Hungarian Folksongs for voice and piano (Sz. 64, BB 47) ​- Béla Bartók

Voice: Judit Molnar Piano: Brieley Cutting

Venue: Commisariat Store Museum. Brisbane, Australia. Part of Brisbane Open House.

Perfomance Date: September 2019 

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